At Mia Foss, we are experts in providing clients with permanent makeup and beauty treatments, as well as offering fully insured and accredited training. As part of our range of services, we can delivery Bloomea treatments, which are considered a kind of non-surgical facelift.

Bloomea is a micro-dermabrasion macro-exfoliation treatment that uses a combination of three different methods to provide skin tightening for the face. The first step is the macro-exfoliation, which works as a programmed and controlled skin peel. Next, high-frequency micro-vibrations massage the skin in order to stimulate elastin and collagen, which play a key role in producing a more youthful appearance. Lastly, LED light therapy is applied, which helps to regenerate and heal the skin.

Although the treatment can be used anywhere on the skin, including the body, it is predominantly used as a facial treatment, providing a kind of non-surgical facelift, decreasing wrinkles and tightening the skin all over. As well as tightening and toning loose skin, this treatment can also refine the skin’s overall texture, tightening pores, and reducing the appearance of sun damage, and any acne scars.

When used on the body as a resurfacing treatment, Bloomea can treat pigmentation from scarring, and reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. Repeated treatments are required in order to sustain the desired results of this beauty therapy. Whether you would like the treatment to be carried out on the body, the face, or both, the process works very much in the same way.

We used a new tip for each client, which is attached to the handpiece. This tip oscillates at a high frequency, so that when applied to the skin, the granularly surface is able to exfoliate the skin, removing layers of skin in order to smooth and tone your face or body. Through this process of macro-exfoliation, the client will feel friction and vibration, but it is completely pain-free.

Underneath this tip, we unveil a silicone layer, which works with a specially formulated cream, rich in elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acids. The high frequency vibrations of the handpiece massages the skin, stimulating its surface and increasing the production of elastin and collagen. The final stage of light therapy involves an LED light being transmitted from the device. The active wavelengths of the light, close to red (633nm), reinforced the previous two treatments

For more information about our Bloomea non-surgical facelift treatment and training, get in touch and we will be glad to help with any questions you may have for us.