Here at Mia Foss, we are specialists in offering our clients semi-permanent makeup and beauty treatments, including lip treatments. As well as offering the treatments, we also provide fully insured and accredited training in semi-permanent make-up for the lips. On this page you will find out about our semi-permanent lip makeup.

Our semi-permanent makeup for lips includes both a semi-permanent makeup lip liner, lip blush, full colour lips, Aquarelle lips, and Ombre lips. Semi-permanent lip liner make-up aims to offer clients more definition in the lips, giving a beautiful, full shape. In addition, semi-permanent make-up blush focusses on creating a colour for your lips that lasts so you can forego the daily routine and wake up every day with the perfect lips. A full colour lip treatment fills the whole of the lips with colour, optically enlarging the lips, changing the natural colour and adding shape.

Aquarelle lips offer a subtler effect without contouring, whilst still offering a slight correction to the shape, the effect is delicate and light. Ombre lips offer a three-dimensional effect, creating an enlarged shape, or even narrowing the lips, depending on the client’s preference.

All our semi-permanent lip makeup treatments are designed to enhance your natural beauty, which is why it’s important to adjust the pigment according to the client’s natural lip colour, with the shape created to complement the client’s face. Semi-permanent lip makeup can disguise asymmetry (making the lips appear more symmetrical), and hide any scars or visible medical issues, as well as simply enhance and define the lips by employing chiaroscuro techniques (the use of light and shade).

The process of semi-permanent lips is the same as other kinds of semi-permanent makeup. During our consultation, we will create a preliminary drawing, selecting the correct pigment, which the client is then able to approve. The procedure uses an extremely thin needle to tattoo the pigment into the skin, where the dye is shallower under the skin than with traditional tattooing.

To discover more about semi-permanent lip makeup, get in touch and we will be glad to assist with any queries you may have for us.