Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

At Mia Foss, we offer a variety of permanent beauty treatments from our Southampton salon, including semi-permanent eyebrows. We offer a selection of treatments when it comes to eyebrows, including eyebrow tints, shaping, Nikk Mole Powder Henna brows, HD brows, spa brows, and eyebrow lamination, in addition to our permanent make-up solutions.

Semi-perm eyebrows come under our permanent make-up treatment range and are a long-lasting solution so that you don’t need to reapply your eyebrow make-up each day and can instead wake up with the style you desire on a daily basis. Technically regarded as semi-permanent, you can come for a top-up treatment between five and twelve weeks after treatment. You can purchase treatments for refreshing eyebrows on basis every 6 months, after a year or two years.

Here at Mia Foss, we also provide training for beauty therapists who would like to become professional permanent make-up artists. We include a range of make-up treatments in our training courses, including semi-permanent eyebrows. Based in Southampton, if you’re looking for a course in semi-permanent eyebrows near you, we offer a basic course in permanent eyebrow make-up, as well as two advanced courses, covering either one or two days.

Basic semi-permanent eyebrow training consists of learning about the origins of permanent make-up, colourimetry, and selecting the correct pigment for both powder brows and Ombre brows, and how to carry out each hair stroke for realistic yet glamourous eyebrows. It also covers business training such as setting up your work station, health and safety procedures, and how to connect with your clients.

For more information about our semi-permanent eyebrow treatments or training courses, get in touch and we will be glad to assist you with any queries you may have for us. Alternatively, you can make your booking online now.