Do you feel that you skin need a deep hydration treatment ? Fancy to improve texture of your skin by cleansing and rejuvenate it ? Stop the photoaging process ? Try The Oxyquabrasion!

OXYAQUABRASION is another non-invasive, non-chemical and painless skin care treatment in our offer. It is extremely improves the texture and condition of your skin. The treatment exfoliates skin by hydrating it and using oxygen. Oxybrasion makes your skin deep cleanses and it is safe for pregnant women and customers with really sensitive skin. Promotes the circulation, which give you impression of smooth, fresh and rejuvenate skin. During/While the treatment you will feel a gentle cool breeze on your skin of painless procedure. The treatment is a unique form of microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy. The oxygen makes your skin regenerate and rebuild collagen texture. This natural method doesn