Deep Cleansing Facial

Feel like your skin need a deep cleansing ? Your complexion seems to be dull ? Ask our consultant about facial cleansing treatment !

MANUAL FACIAL CLEANSING is a convenient and quick procedure to clean your skin from blackheads, pores and acne. It aims to reduce skin glow by regulating tallow. The treatment is a manual removal procedure, which makes facial muscles regenerated.

Problematic areas:

  • ?Dead skin cells
  • ?Blackheads, pores and spots
  • ?Acne


  • ?Keratnized skin
  • Cleanses the pores
  • Reduces the blackheads
  • Reduces the acne
  • Reduces the skin glow


The consultation appointment is free* if you make a booking during the appointment. *If you do not make a booking during the consultation, the charge for the consultation is