At Mia Foss, we offer a variety of permanent beauty treatments from our Southampton salon, including eyebrow shape and tint services. A brow tint and shape treatment combines the two services to obtain the perfect eyebrow look, in terms of both its colour and style.

Eyebrows can be shaped in all manner of ways, with options typically including being tweezed, waxed, or threaded. Not only does eyebrow shaping aim to tidy away any stray hairs, but it perfects the shape of the client’s eyebrow into a style that best suits their face shape, enhancing the overall beauty of the face. The regrowth of hair will depend on your own hair pattern, but regular treatments will be needed to maintain the brow shape.

For a more defined look, we also offer eyebrow tinting treatments, which involves the use of a semi-permanent dye to create either the look of a thick, full brow, or a more natural and subtler look. As this treatment is semi-permanent, you can expect the tint to last between three to six weeks. It’s also important note that this treatment differs from microblading, which can add the appearance of hair follicles to your brow, whilst eyebrow tinting adds colour to your natural brow, in a tone that suits you, as well as filling in colour to enhance its definition.

Here at Mia Foss, we also offer training for beauty therapists who would like to become professional permanent make-up artists. We provide a range of make-up treatments in our training courses, including eyebrow tint and shape treatments. Based in Southampton, if you’re looking for a course in shaping and tinting eyebrows near you, opt for either our basic course in permanent eyebrow make-up, or one of our advanced courses, covering either one or two days.

For more information about our eyebrow tint and shape treatments or training courses, get in touch and we will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us. Alternatively, you can make your booking online now.