Professional PMU Remover

Here at Mia Foss, we specialise in providing clients with permanent makeup and beauty treatments. As part of our services, we also offer fully insured and accredited training, including PMU removal courses. Based in Southampton, we are able to offer our professional PMU removal training to those in and around the area.

PMU refers to permanent make-up, which is a type of cosmetic procedure that involves a tattooing technique to create the illusion of make-up. As with regular tattoos, there may be many reasons why a client chooses to remove their PMU, and thanks to advances in technology, we are able to carry out PMU removal and deliver the necessary training for make-up technicians to offer this service to your clients.

Although PMU does fade over time, and some clients will continue to get top-up treatments, by offering PMU removal, you will extend the range of your business and keep your clients coming back to you time and time again. Our professional PMU removal training course offers a safe solution for the introduction of removal methods.

To discover how you can help your clients with PMU removal, get in touch and we will be pleased to answer any queries you may have for us.